Tuesday FunDay

President: Linda Wilson
Secretary: Alisha Bartels
Week No. 4 of 35  9/19/2017         League Average: 138            

  Match Total Points Total          
  Points Points Round 1 Pinfall          
 Team StandingsWonLostWonLostWeek 4W/HCPHSGHSSHHGHHSTeam
1Alley Oops13115119368682180687523851
2Rich Energy31106109230612176980623514
3We B Trying22106109092616166683023085
477 Rollers4 9799417616174586624956
5Bowling Belles2251158827636169584322593
6Up Your Alley 431339140575163883623752

  1st Overall   2nd Overall  3rd Overall 1st This Week 2nd This Week
Game682Alley Oops636Bowling Belles616We B Trying642Alley Oops61677 Rollers
W/HCP875Alley Oops86677 Rollers843Bowling Belles86677 Rollers836Up Your Alley
Series1806Alley Oops1769Rich Energy174577 Rollers174577 Rollers1740Alley Oops
W/HCP249577 Rollers2385Alley Oops2375Up Your Alley249577 Rollers2375Up Your Alley
Game237Macy Perry-Wampler212Amber Nieman194Samantha McBride206Macy Perry-Wampler190Tanner Leapaldt
W/HCP255Macy Perry-Wampler251Lois Leapaldt245Amber Nieman229Alisha Bartels227Lois Ehlers
Series599Macy Perry-Wampler541Amber Nieman524Tanner Leapaldt599Macy Perry-Wampler499Tanner Leapaldt
W/HCP655Samantha McBride644Macy Perry-Wampler641Sam Wismer644Macy Perry-Wampler606Samantha McBride
Game182Steve Urban158Keith Maly154Terry Polak182Steve Urban158Keith Maly
W/HCP237Steve Urban221Keith Maly216Jim Bartek237Steve Urban221Keith Maly
Series510Steve Urban430Terry Polak418Keith Maly510Steve Urban430Terry Polak
W/HCP675Steve Urban622Jim Bartek613Terry Polak675Steve Urban607Jim Bartek

  Individual Records GmePinsAveHCPHSGHSSHHGHHS
1 Alley Oops
005Anne Harris338013756132380188548
006Sue Johnson678013558157406215580
010Samantha McBride12177914846194505244655
011Sherian McGerr9135415045179468230621
021Amber Nieman12197916432212541245640
2 Up Your Alley
012Violet Perry680914153164420217579
014Linda Wiesen9100611180130361201574
015Jane Perry12141511774165389230589
019Macy Perry-Wampler12224618711237599255644
022Chelsea Perry  18018    
038Jon Wampler326588100110265210565
3 Bowling Belles
023Lois Leapaldt12141511774190385251568
024Tanner Leapaldt9146216234190524216602
025Joan Swearingen12148812468156381220573
026Shirley Masek682416036164414200522
027Stacie McBride341414945160414205549
028Nancy Schilke335013855129350184515
  Individual Records GmePinsAveHCPHSGHSSHHGHHS
4 Rich Energy
001Lois Ehlers12181015045182462227597
002Faye Cockle562912864161391225583
003Sam Wismer12164513756164461224641
004Linda Wilson12162413558153435212612
037Cindy Coon690515738178472216586
5 We B Trying
007Carol Thoms335612369133356202563
008Pat Bartels9124013756171425232608
009Alisha Bartels9127114153176448229607
016Bev Ryba9116612963151428196563
017Jan Cradick676013954153388207550
018Pam Fairchild12167413954167435221597
6 77 Rollers
029Jim Bartek12146212171138391216622
030Steve Urban12175914648182510237675
031Keith Maly12157513162158418221603
032Terry Polak12165713855154430215613
033Bev Bartek        
034Cathy Urban        
035Diane Maly        
036Janet Polak        

Star Bowler for Game
Alisha Bartels35 pins over average with 176 game
Steve Urban44 pins over average with 182 game
Star Bowler for Series
Macy Perry-Wampler50 pins over average with 599 series
Steve Urban96 pins over average with 510 series

9/26/2017 6:30 PM1*56*34*2
10/3/2017 6:30 PM3*24*51*6

Top 10   Scratch Game  Scratch Series Handicap Game Handicap Series
1206Macy Perry-Wampler599Macy Perry-Wampler229Alisha Bartels644Macy Perry-Wampler
2190Tanner Leapaldt499Tanner Leapaldt227Lois Ehlers606Samantha McBride
3182Lois Ehlers477Amber Nieman221Macy Perry-Wampler597Lois Ehlers
4176Alisha Bartels462Lois Ehlers219Samantha McBride589Linda Wilson
5171Samantha McBride462Samantha McBride216Tanner Leapaldt589Jane Perry
6169Amber Nieman427Sherian McGerr210Sue Johnson584Alisha Bartels
7164Shirley Masek425Alisha Bartels209Pam Fairchild583Pam Fairchild
8155Pam Fairchild421Pam Fairchild205Linda Wilson580Sherian McGerr
9152Sue Johnson414Shirley Masek203Jane Perry577Tanner Leapaldt
10151Sherian McGerr412Linda Wilson202Sherian McGerr574Linda Wiesen
1182Steve Urban510Steve Urban237Steve Urban675Steve Urban
2158Keith Maly430Terry Polak221Keith Maly607Jim Bartek
3147Terry Polak414Keith Maly210Jon Wampler603Keith Maly
4132Jim Bartek391Jim Bartek204Jim Bartek601Terry Polak
5110Jon Wampler265Jon Wampler204Terry Polak565Jon Wampler

TOP 3 Weekly Game Over Average Weekly Series Over Average
 Game - Ave = DifferenceSeries - Ave = Difference
1176 - 141 = 35Alisha Bartels599 - 549 = 50Macy Perry-Wampler
2182 - 149 = 33Lois Ehlers462 - 438 = 24Samantha McBride
3171 - 146 = 25Samantha McBride364 - 348 = 16Jane Perry
1182 - 138 = 44Steve Urban510 - 414 = 96Steve Urban
2158 - 129 = 29Keith Maly391 - 357 = 34Jim Bartek
3110 - 88 = 22Jon Wampler414 - 387 = 27Keith Maly