Pat Kraus Bowling

President: RONI MILLER
Week No. 33 of 34  4/18/2019         League Average: 129            

  Match Points Total Points Total Pinfall         
 Team StandingsWonWonW/HCPHSGHSSHHGHHSTeam
1You, Me & Jessie48051291476126163017232
2Glad We're Still Here!169.550734511136861516804
3M K S Girls 6350521493124062816723
4W.C.'s South Sports Bar348.546726410111458116251

  1st Overall   2nd Overall  3rd Overall 1st This Week 2nd This Week
Game511Glad We're Still Here!493M K S Girls476You, Me & Jessie427Glad We're Still Here!402You, Me & Jessie
W/HCP630You, Me & Jessie628M K S Girls615Glad We're Still Here!545You, Me & Jessie538W.C.'s South Sports Bar
Series1368Glad We're Still Here!1261You, Me & Jessie1240M K S Girls1209Glad We're Still Here!1161You, Me & Jessie
W/HCP1723You, Me & Jessie1680Glad We're Still Here!1672M K S Girls1590You, Me & Jessie1562W.C.'s South Sports Bar
Game228Sharon Goodban217Byrdie Mrkvicka197Judy Kelly190Byrdie Mrkvicka158Marolyn Hildenbrand
W/HCP288Sharon Goodban260Byrdie Mrkvicka259Jessie McCloy230Marolyn Hildenbrand228Byrdie Mrkvicka
Series554Byrdie Mrkvicka521Sharon Goodban497Judy Kelly498Byrdie Mrkvicka447Marolyn Hildenbrand
W/HCP704Sharon Goodban671Byrdie Mrkvicka663Marolyn Hildenbrand663Marolyn Hildenbrand612Byrdie Mrkvicka

  Individual Records Gme PinsAveHCPHSGHSSHHGHHS
1 W.C.'s South Sports Bar
007Janet Lehl6968199891136371227650
014Cathy Odenbach81926511477158411236645
015Roni Miller871076712369168426233631
2 You, Me & Jessie
003Judy Kelly871249214351197497253659
016Jessie McCloy90942710486172387259645
017Marolyn Hildenbrand991188312072172447253663
  Individual Records GmePinsAveHCPHSGHSSHHGHHS
3 M K S Girls
009Kaye McCloy931129912171175425247641
018Sharon Goodban961289313459228521288704
4 Glad We're Still Here!
001Carol Sheaff841078612864176453240636
008Kris Vierra72929212963197464258647
010Byrdie Mrkvicka991557215738217554260671
002Maria McCloy15166511180145389226632

Star Bowler for Series
Marolyn Hildenbrand90 pins over average with 447 series

4/25/2019 9:00 AM (P)2*43*1